Luna (more commonly called The Moon) is the only natural satellite of Terra and the first celestial visited by humanity during the First Space Age. It primarily serves as a mining outpost, colonization outpost, and fuel stop for outbound ships.


First Space Age

During the first space age, which lasted from 1957 CE to 2018 CE, The United States of America landed Apollo 11 on Luna in 1969, making it the first successful landing on Luna. After Apollo 11, NASA, the US Space Agency, launched an attempt to gain even more science from Luna. 30 more Apollo Mission were sent to Luna between 1969 and 2010, with 27 being completely successful. After the last Apollo mission on January 17th, 2010, NASA sent up the Eagle Space Station to orbit Luna and the Armstrong Lunar Base to gain even more science from Luna's surface.


In 2020, The United Nations Space Administration and the governments of the world passed the Luna Accord, authorizing the colonization of Luna.

City lights on the moon

After this, millions of people from Central America, Southeast Asia, Iberia, and France flooded to equatorial spaceports in Florida, Borneo, and Africa to begin their new lives on or in orbit of Luna. The population quickly began to rise as settlers began to reach Luna and helped construct orbital habitats, spaceports, helium mines, and other settlements all over Luna's surface. In 2042, The International Ministry of Universal Sciences purchased land on Luna and began construction of the Sagan Research Station in a polar orbit of Luna in order to research Artificial Gravity and Fusion Power in a special environment.

Today, Luna is a thriving world. It is a haven of helium mining and scientific research. Luna is also home to the largest spaceport in the solar system outside Earth.

Commonwealths of Luna:

Name Parent Country Formation Population (2093)
Armstrong Commonwealth United States of America July 20th, 2021 436,198,122
Dominion of Verne European Union December 8th, 2021 211,123,144
Commonwealth of Tsiolkovsky New Russian Empire January 13th, 2022 205,122,111
Dominion of Yemaya African Federation February 4th, 2022 189,143,292
Mandate of Dal Asian Alliance April 30th, 2022 738,123,190
Dominion of Bahloo Oceanic Sovereignty May 9th, 2022 321,178,322
Commonwealth of Jaci South American Federation June 1st, 2022 134,189,981
Emirate of Ta'lab United Arabian Federation August 8, 2022 219,145,872