People's Republic of China

The People's Republic of China, known informally as China, was a socialist republic (later a socialist state) located in East Asia. It existed from 1950 to 2011 CE.

The PRC originated from the communist victory of the First Chinese Civil War, from 1927-1950 CE. During the first decades of the nation's existence, it was a fairly successful state, becoming the second largest economic powerhouse (behind the United States of America) from 1993 to 2009 CE.

Starting in 2008, increased Republican movements and independence movements (particularly in Tibet) prompted for tighter control of the nation. The government of the PRC, the Chinese Communist Party, increased control and turned the nation into a Socialist State, similar to the Soviet Union. This only made the population more restless and in 2011, American and EU funded Republican rebels started fighting in Beijing and started the Second Chinese Civil War.

With American and European funding, the communist government found the rebels hard to put down and by 2013, Republicans had gained control of most of the nation, causing the People's Republic of China to capitulate, becoming the Republic of China.

PRC Flag

Flag of the People's Republic of China

Information (2011)

GDP: 12.8 trillion USD

HDI: 0.632


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